The Face of Money

April 27, 2016

Canada adds a woman to the mix

2018 will mark a historical addition to Canadian money. For the first time ever, a Canadian woman will appear on a banknote (or paper money). That’s huge! Except for the Queen of England, no other woman has been on Canadian money. What’s even more exciting is that the Bank of Canada has asked the public for help by submitting the names of women they think would fit the bill — pun very much intended! Anyone can be nominated as long as she is a real Canadian citizen and passed away over 25 years ago. Some of the leading nominations are a politician and author named Nellie McClung, a war hero named Laura Secord, and a pioneer in medicine named Jennie Trout. Way to go, Canada for following the likes of the Philippines, Sweden, Israel, and India — they already have women on their currency!