Thank You, Mr.President

January 12, 2017

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama delivered his final speech as the 44th President of the United States. In his farewell speech, he said goodbye to the American people and reflected on what the country was able to accomplish during his eight years in office. He also offered words of inspiration, a feeling of hope, and a call for young people to do more and be better. And perhaps the most touching part of his speech was when he took a special moment to thank his daughters for being incredible and kind women, and First Lady Michelle Obama for being an amazing First Lady, wife, mom, and his best friend.

Whether you agreed or disagreed with his politics, decisions, actions, and what he tried to accomplish, he served the country for eight years as President of the United States. He protected the environment, gave healthcare to those who might not have received it otherwise, brought the country back from one of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression, legalized same-sex marriage, and ended the war in Iraq. President Barack Obama left the White House with the highest approval ratings of any president in history. And upon leaving, he promised the American people that he would keep fighting for and working alongside them as a fellow citizen. Thank you, President Barack Obama for being our president and for inspiring us to think, “Yes, we can!”