Who Should Own The Rights To A Song?

December 4, 2020
via @Amazon

Taylor Swift has had a long career and is one of the most famous artists today, but everyone has to start somewhere. Swift started with recording label company Big Machine Label Group, who helped her record, sell, and market some of her iconic songs, such as Shake It Off and Love Story. But what happens when the label company gets bought by someone else? Who gets the rights to the music? Well, technically, it’s the recording label or the buyer of the label. Artists often sign agreements, allowing labels to produce, sell, and profit from their songs. So every time you hear the song on the radio, it’s the recording label that gets money for letting the radio station play the song. Moreover, if Taylor Swift were to perform the songs at a concert or an awards show, she’d have to get permission to do so!

Swift wasn’t happy about this, so she implored her followers to call out the record label for selling her creative work. She’s even considering re-recording her songs and owning the rights to them from now on, which means when the new version of Shake It Off plays on radio stations, she gets to benefit from it rather than her label.

What do you think? Does Taylor Swift have a right to demand that she own her work? Or does the signing of a contract mean that she has to give it up forever?