Swimsuit Banned in France

September 11, 2016

A swimsuit is causing quite the fuss in France. A swimsuit? Yes, a swimsuit — the burkini. Not a traditional swimsuit, the burkini covers the entire body except for the hands, feet, and face and is primarily worn by Muslim women.

In July, the city of Cannes issued a temporary ban on the burkini and soon after other cities followed. But why ban that specific type of swimsuit,
you might ask? Some argue that the sight of a burkini could anger people and cause problems. Others, however, argue that banning the burkini takes away a women’s basic human rights or that the ban is a form of discrimination. No matter the argument, the French high courts (or the courts that determine the country’s laws) told the cities that issued the temporary ban that Non!, they don’t have the authority to enforce the ban. But guess what, some cities are still doing it. The battle of the burkini continues, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.