Superheroes Top The List!

December 6, 2019
via Pixabay

It’s December, and that means it’s time for lists. Wishlists for Santa and New Year’s resolutions are two well-known lists that people make this time of year, and another popular one is the Best Movies list. As popular award ceremonies take place early in the year, Best Movies lists predict which movies will be dubbed the most popular. How is a movie deemed popular? Well, the most common way to see if a movie is successful is to tally up how much box office money it collected. Using that metric, the movies that earned the most money in 2019 were the following:

via Pixabay

Avengers: Endgame—$853 million

The Lion King—$543 million

Toy Story 4—$434 million

Captain Marvel—$426 million

Spider-Man: Far From Home

—$390 million

Each of these movies is a fantasy that required immense animation and special effects—not to mention an exciting story line—to make them so successful in 2019. In fact, Avengers: Endgame allegedly cost $356 million to make because of its creative special effects and huge star cast!

Do you think how much a movie earns is a good way to measure its success? Would your Best Movies list include those above? Email editor@xyzanews.com to let us know!