Stop! Too Much K-Pop?

February 22, 2019

The influence of pop stars is unmistakable in each generation. If you ask your parents if they copied pop stars as a teenager, they might sheepishly (or proudly) share some of the fashions or styles they considered cool back then.

By KIYOUNG KIM from Seoul, South Korea – 사진 438, CC BY 2.0,

In South Korea, the government took an unusual step to reduce the influence of their K-Pop stars. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family stated that they would reduce the presence of these stars on popular television. The reason? The K-Pop stars look a bit too alike. Odd as that sounds, it comes from concern that the unstoppable growth in popularity of the male and female K-Pop stars could have a negative influence on Korean youth. The guideline was initially intended to reduce gender stereotyping and to discourage fans from going to extremes to look like their favorite pop stars.

But could a rule like this really be enforced? In this case, the guidelines invited a lot of criticism from people across South Korea. In response, the Ministry said they would revise or remove some of the stricter parts of the guidelines.

What do you think?