Starting Summer Early? Watch Out!

June 1, 2018

German families sometimes take off from school long before breaks start for one important reason: cheaper airfare! Parents planning summer vacations often come across high ticket prices, especially since most schools let out at the same time and travel traffic is high. Notice how there is more traffic on the freeways when you’re traveling during a holiday weekend?

In Bavaria, Germany, parents who pull kids out of school to travel might just be fined! Schooling is mandatory in Bavaria, and truancy is a fineable offense. But ticket prices are expensive, argue parents. There is, after all, a huge difference in airfare prices during peak seasons, e.g. such as in the summertime when many people travel, and non-peak seasons. So when parents recently pulled their kids out of school to head out on vacation before school actually ended, they were surprised to see the police scanning for truant children at the airport. Although no arrests were made, this is now a hot topic of conversation among teachers and parents in the country. Different parts of Germany, in fact, have staggered their vacation schedule in an attempt to keep children in school and please traveling families so they don’t have to face big crowds and expensive airfares.

How do you think Germany can keep kids in school and please traveling families at the same time?