Snowball Fights Are Important, Right?

January 2, 2019
Dane Best at City Hall

Here’s a fun bit of news for the winter … Ninety-eight years ago, a town in Colorado banned something that many children cherish: snowball fights. As with many laws, this one probably came into place a long, long time ago when laws were originally set for new towns. The law stated that “it is unlawful for any person to throw or shoot any stone or any other missile upon or at any person, animal, building, tree or other public or private property; or at or against any vehicle or equipment designed for the transportation of persons or property.” Surprisingly, a snowball was considered a “missile” when the law was first instated.

When nine-year-old Dane Best heard about the law on a recent field trip to City Hall, he was not pleased. He believes that the law was created many years ago and is not relevant today when kids need a reason to get outside and enjoy physical activity. So what did he do? He presented his case to the city board, logically pointing out that young kids lack physical activity and that this would be a good reason for them to get outdoors … and yes, do away with the ban. And guess what? The city board agreed! They unanimously passed a law reversing the ban, and Best, accompanied by his parents, went out to throw the first legal snowball in the city in over ninety years.


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