Sit Tight … It’s Going To Be A While

October 26, 2018
via @Singaporeairlines

Singapore Airlines restarted its flight route from New York to Singapore this month, making it the world’s longest flight. The flight lasts approximately eighteen hours and covers about 9,500 miles. Here are some other things you might not know about this flight:

  • There are 480 different meal combinations available for the 160 passengers on board.
  • When Singapore Airlines first launched this flight, it was a welcomed choice for long-distance travelers. But with the cost of four gas-guzzling engines and only enough space to take on a hundred passengers, the flight was canceled. The latest flight uses an Airbus with two engines and an increased passenger load.
  • The Airbus will carry a total of 43,500 gallons of fuel, making it a heavy load. On top of that, glassware and China, as well as food and beverage, increases the total airplane weight.
  • If you’ve ever traveled by plane, you know there are different sections, like economy, business class, and first class, right? Well, this flight has no economy class. To save weight, the airline installed only sixty-seven business class seats and ninety-four premium economy seats.
  • The flight route goes over the North Pole for miles without any civilization. What happens in an emergency? Well, ordinarily, flights have enough fuel to fly to any airport three hours away in the event that something goes wrong. But because this particular route flies over areas that have nothing accessible within three hours, the aircraft carries additional fuel so that it can land anywhere within four hours.