Should Books Be Made Into Movies?

January 10, 2020

We asked our Junior Reporters a simple question: Should books be made into movies? and boy did we get some interesting responses! Check out what brothers Evan and Ryan W. had to say below.

Do You Like It When Books Are Made Into Movies?
By Evan W. 

Junior Reporter Evan W. Photo Credit: Evan W.

I hate it when books are turned into movies. There are three main reasons for this: movies steal our imagination, they’re too long, and most importantly, they sometimes omit extremely important parts in the book, or add things that weren’t in the book.

Movies steal all of our imaginations. In a book, you can make someone look however you want them to look, or the setting of the book can be however you want. But in movies, a single director decides exactly what the setting looks like. Then whenever you re-read the book, it’s always the film character or setting that you watched in the movie that you imagine.

Another reason that I hate it when books are turned into movies is that they’re way too long. I’ve seen a three and a half hour movie! It wasn’t immaculate, nor was it horrible, but I only gave it seventy-five out of a hundred. However, it seemed to never finish! My dad fell asleep twice. It got boring after a while.

One more reason that I hate it when books are turned into movies is that they sometimes add things that didn’t happen in the book, or they take out important things that did happen in the book. For example, in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, they added a whole sub-plot! And in all of the Harry Potter books, Peeves is very important, but in the movies, Peeves is in only one scene. That is not really fair, is it? And in the books, Peeves is a very important character. They leave out lots of things in movies, which I feel is terrible.

These are the reasons that I don’t like it when books are turned into movies.

Chapter Books Should Not Be Turned Into Movies
By Ryan A. W.

Junior Reporter Ryan A. W.
Photo Credit: Ryan A. W.

Have you ever watched a movie and then read the original chapter book? Did the book not make sense compared to the movie, and did it steal your imagination? Was any important character left out? Well, books should not be made into movies, because it ruins the imagination for everyone, movies leave out characters, and movies don’t let you go at your own pace.

One reason why chapter books should not be turned into movies, is that it ruins the imagination for everyone. For example, chapter books give a description of people, but they don’t show exactly what they look like. But when chapter books are turned into movies, they show what they “really” look like. For example, in A Series of Unfortunate Events, there is an aunt who takes care of the Baudelaire children. The book lets you imagine what she looks like, but they give you some clues, like the color of her hair. But in the movie, there is the “real” version of what she looks like.

Evan Weinswig (fourth grader at La Entrada) says that “adults have a hard time imagining. So when movies show the ‘real’ version, it makes them struggle with imagination even more because they think that movies will always show the real version and so they stop imagining.”

As Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Some people argue that chapter books should be turned into movies because it can help your imagination. This is because they can start figuring out what is right.

Another reason why chapter books should not be turned into movies is because they leave out important characters. Imagine reading the Harry Potter series. You love the character Peeves. Peeves is always messing around with all of the students and teachers. He is really good at doing pranks. But when you watch the movie, Peeves is not in any of them. “I was so mad that Peeves wasn’t in the movie,” said Tian Weiner (fifth grader at La Entrada).

Some other people that have been left out of movies include Alexandra Finch (from To Kill a Mockingbird), Tom Bombadil (from Lord Of The Rings), Madge Undersee (from The Hunger Games), and a lot more people. Some people argue that they are not important characters, but after a while, they add up.

My last reason why chapter books should not be turned into movies is that you can’t go at your own pace. For example, Wikipedia says that “you have to cram everything into a two-hour movie, so movie parts go really fast.” It also means that characters are left out (see paragraph above). When you are watching a movie at a movie theater, you can’t re-watch parts that don’t make any sense. But in a book, you can re-read anything that doesn’t make any sense. In movies, there isn’t a lot of time, so there can’t be a lot of important details such as hidden small clues. This means you can’t solve the mystery movie easily. So the movie become less fun.

This is why chapter books should not be turned into movies. They steal your imagination, they leave out important characters, and finally you can’t go at your own pace. So the next time you are offered a choice of reading the original book or watching the movie, read the chapter book.

Do you think books should be turned into movies? Why?