Selfie Payment: Say “Cheese!” When You Pay!

April 27, 2016

Think about all the ways you can pay for something — at a supermarket your dad might swipe his credit card and then sign on a screen. Your mom might write a check and sign it before handing it to your music teacher. Sometimes, people pay on the computer or a cell phone and type in a secret passcode to confirm the transaction. Well, move over signatures and passcodes, there’s a new system in town…the selfie!

Why would we need to take a picture of ourselves to confirm a payment? Well, people have many passwords and often use those that are too easy to guess like a birthdate, making it rather easy for someone to guess the password and then buy things using your credit card. What’s harder to copy is the way someone looks — one of the strongest reasons for selfie payments! Now companies like Amazon.com and some credit card companies are exploring ways to include selfie payments as an option to confirm payment. It looks like selfies are the wave of future at least when it comes to paying for something!