Providing access to youth-friendly news content, building critical thinking skills, and offering young minds authentic reasons to write are three things that we obsess about here at Xyza. That’s why we offer relatable news stories focused on a variety of topics, ask open-ended questions, and offer news engagement opportunities such as our Junior Reporter program, news workshops, poll questions, trivia, and more. Xyza’s online and in print, making it a natural addition to any classroom or library. Learn more about what makes Xyza: News for Kids unique by scrolling down.

What Makes Xyza Unique?


Open-Ended Questions

At Xyza, we love a good debate because it makes us really think about why we’re arguing for or against something. That’s why Xyza news stories often start or end with an open-ended question. Join our mailing list to receive conversation starters for schools and libraries.

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In every print issue of Xyza, young readers are further connected to news stories through interesting trivia questions about the topic being covered.

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Junior Reporter Program

Whether it’s interviewing young scientists, asking questions of the Golden State Warriors, or sharing perspectives on the FIFA Women’s World Cup win, our monthly calls to action offer young readers an authentic reason to write, as well as, a way to share their thoughts about what’s happening in the world.

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Interesting Facts

Context is key to understanding news stories. That’s why Xyza’s news stories include context, background, and often interesting facts that enlighten readers about fascinating topics.

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What Does Xyza Offer?


Xyza In Print

Xyza’s printed newspapers are the perfect addition to classrooms and libraries that want to offer a variety of reading resources. Each Xyza print subscription for schools and libraries includes:

-A monthly full-color printed newspaper filled with a summary of the month’s news, trivia questions, interesting facts, and a news-related word search.

-A weekly e-newsletter that offers conversation starters and a roundup of the week’s news.

-For San Francisco Bay Area schools, schools that subscribe for 10 or more copies are eligible for a free one-time news workshop.

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Xyza Online

With Xyza’s online subscriptions, young learners can access unlimited news articles published on the Xyza website. Each Xyza web subscription for schools and libraries includes:

-Access to Xyza’s entire database of news articles.

-A weekly e-newsletter that offers conversation starters and a roundup of the week’s news.

-For San Francisco Bay Area schools, schools that subscribe for 10 or more copies are eligible for a free one-time news workshop.

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Xyza’s Junior Reporter Program

We want news to be a two-way street. That means Xyza’s young readers don’t just read the news, they get to participate in the reporting of the news too! Our free Junior Reporter program is a way for young readers to share their perspectives and to report on things that matter to them. Junior Reporters also receive reporting opportunities through our monthly calls to action.

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Xyza’s News Workshops

Xyza’s news workshops are conducted in schools and libraries and are intended to help young learners connect with the news. Topics range from how a newspaper is made to the impact of news. Our news workshops are currently only offered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • The kids in my library classes love the Xyza print newspaper. They are reading it together during library time and say that they love how much easier it is to read than “the normal newspaper.” They are especially happy that the February issue contains news about Trump because most of them have been getting news second-hand from parents and siblings, so it feels good to read for themselves about what is going on. Thanks!

    — San Francisco School Educator

  • The kids are really motivated to read it based on the format and content so it’s a good way to check for comprehension and these skills. I will be using it as a model as we work on a class project of putting out a newspaper about things going on in our community and our school.

    — Chicago School Educator

  • I love the layout of your January preview issue, the news you are covering, and the way you cover it. It is perfect for students in my school.

    — Sonoma School Educator

  • I mentioned to my entire staff how much I’ve been enjoying Xyza and how impressed I’ve been with the language and how accessible it is to kids.

    — Marin School Educator