San Francisco Isn’t Just Cool …

November 23, 2017

Recently, Forbes, a magazine that mostly covers news about business and money, named San Francisco, California, the “coolest” city. Nope, not the coolest in terms of temperature—we think Chicago’s got that covered—but in terms of total awesomeness! Did we just say awesomeness? Yes, we did. Of course, at Xyza we’re a bit biased (we’re based out of San Francisco, after all!), but it looks like other people think San Francisco’s pretty cool too. How in the world is the “coolness” factor of a city ranked? According to Forbes, a city’s cool factor was determined by nine different criteria, some of which included the number of restaurants, coffee shops, and recreational activities in the city. They also factored in things like the number of people who have moved to the city in the last six years, the diversity of the people in the city, and the number of people who work for small businesses. Who came in second and third? Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California.