Robot Dogs For Sale

September 28, 2019

Remember when we shared a story about robot dogs last year? If not, check out the story here first!

It might be called “Spot,” but it’s nothing like what you’d imagine a fluffy furball to look like—not even in the slightest! It has no head for one, and we’re pretty sure you’d never want to cuddle with this little guy. But all kidding aside, Spot wasn’t designed to replace your real, living, breathing dog, but rather to help with jobs at construction sites. It can climb through rough terrain and even scale stairs to get remote jobs done. And unlike other robots and drones that may do similar jobs, it’s more nimble, has a longer battery life, and is customizable. Now, if all that doesn’t deserve a “Good boy!” we don’t know what does!

SpotMini Robot. Image Courtesy of Boston Dynamics

Spot is now officially for sale, but before you go running to mom and dad to ask for Spot the robot dog for your birthday, you might want to know that Spot is only being sold and shipped to select customers who will be using it on construction sites, specific types of installations, and safety projects. But don’t fret, SpotMini, the smaller version of Spot, might just be available for home use later this year. SpotMini can roll over, put away dishes, open doors, and much more. Yeah, dogs are the best, wouldn’t you agree?

If you had your own robot dog, how would you want it to help around the house?