Robin Turns 80!

March 20, 2020

First off, let’s just admit it … sidekicks are awesome. Chewbacca was technically a sidekick, but we all know that Star Wars wouldn’t have been the same without him. Equally as important is Batman’s trusty sidekick, Robin, who turned eighty in March! Here are some interesting facts about Robin that you might not know:

** It might be common knowledge that Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne, but did you know that Robin’s “real-life” persona was actually a character called Dick Grayson? What led him to Batman? The two joined forces to bring to justice those who killed his parents.

** If you follow Teen Titans, you might know that Robin was part of the founding team of this young superhero group. Did you know that he took on a new identity called Nightwing?

** As a celebration of all things Robin, DC Comics published a 100-page spectacular book that pays homage to all of the artists who have drawn Robin over the past eighty years.

** Although Batman remained the same character with the same backstory throughout the comic’s history, the role of Robin was taken on by many different characters. In fact, after Dick Grayson moved on (let’s face it, could he be a boy forever?), Jason Todd, an orphan runaway car thief, played the role of Robin in the comic book series. Oh, and by the way, he was not very popular among fans, a majority of whom disliked the new Robin’s rude and defiant personality.

** And finally, in case you thought Robin was always a young boy, here is some news: Stephanie Brown was the first girl who played the role of Robin in the comic book series. Carrie Kelly and Helena Wayne were two other female Robins.