Respect. Equality. Justice. Dignity

July 11, 2016

You may have seen the label: #BlackLivesMatter, but what does it mean and where did it come from? It started with a letter written by Alicia Garza, a community organizer, in 2013 about how African- Americans are not always treated equally. She ended the letter with the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Alicia most likely didn’t know that those three words would be the start of something big. Working with Patrisse Cullers and Opal Tometi, Alicia created the Black Lives Matters online campaign. Soon enough this online campaign became a movement with people gathering around the United States to protest the way some police have treated the African American community. Today, Black Lives Matter is more than a movement. These three words have become a symbol of the continued fight for respect, equality, dignity, and justice for the African- American community throughout the United States and around the world.