Recreating The Titanic

January 2, 2019

You might have heard of the Titanic, the massive ship that set sail from England to New York in 1912 on a famous maiden voyage and then … well … sunk. For decades since, the ship has intrigued people all over the world. From diving expeditions to check out the ruins to a blockbuster movie about the ill-fated ship, it seems like the story of the Titanic continues on.

By Roderick Eime – Titanic II And Statue Of Liberty, CC BY 2.0,

Well, in addition to watching documentaries and movies about the ship, you might actually be able to sail on the Titanic! That’s right—a replica of the ship will likely set sail in 2022. Cruise company Blue Star Line began working on the replica in 2013, but work was halted due to lack of money. Additional funds to support the project came in, however, so the Titanic II is scheduled to set sail in a few years. The replica will have first-, second-, and third-class cabins just like the original, and it will follow the same route from Southampton, England to New York, New York. The project is expected to cost a whopping $500 million.

Pssst … did you know you can also dive at the original location that the Titanic sank to explore the remains? A company called OceanGate is allowing people to dive down and explore the remains as early as this year! Before more and more of the ship gets destroyed by germs and bacteria, people are hoping to catch a glimpse of the original ship.

What would you like to explore on the Titanic if you could?


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