Project Possible

October 31, 2019
Mount Everest

If you’ve ever thought that climbing Mount Everest in the Himalayas is difficult, you’d be absolutely right. Climbers practice for months and even years before they attempt to summit Everest, and even then, many fail to make it to the top. So when Nirmal Purja, a thirty-six year old from Nepal, recently set a goal of climbing fourteen mountains that were each higher than 8,000 meters (or about 26,000 feet) in under seven months, he optimistically titled the effort “Project Possible – 14/7.”

The only other people to have accomplished such a feat until now are two climbers who took seven years to reach the same number of peaks across the world. Purja said, “It has been a grueling but humbling six months, and I hope to have proven that anything is possible with some determination, self-belief, and positivity.” It wasn’t an easy task. On hard days, he climbed nonstop for more than fifteen hours, with winds at over seventy-five miles per hour slowing him down. Avalanches, tough ice conditions, and unhelpful weather patterns often made the task grueling.

Which fourteen peaks did Purja climb from April to October?

Annapurna, Nepal
Dhaulagiri, Nepal
Kanchenjunga, Nepal
Everest, Nepal
Lhotse, Nepal
Makalu, Nepal
Nanga Parbat
Gasherbrum 1
Gasherbrum 2
K2, Pakistan
Broad Peak, Pakistan
Cho Oyu, China
Manaslu, Nepal
Shishapangma, China

Congratulations, Purja!