Pride Month: Remembering, Celebrating, Acknowledging

June 5, 2016

Pride. What is it? It’s a feeling of being happy, content, and proud of who you are or what you’ve accomplished. Have you ever felt this before? Here at Xyza, we feel a sense of pride when we see governments and communities working together to accomplish something big, and when people treat each other with love, respect, and acceptance. That’s why we celebrate Pride Month with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community.

Every June, cities around the United States proudly raise their rainbow flags and host parades, parties, concerts, and gatherings to celebrate the LGBT community. But Pride Month is more than just a celebration — it exists for very important reasons. Pride Month is about acknowledging the LGBT community. Pride Month is about the fight for equal rights. Pride Month is about being proud of who you are. Pride Month is about taking a stand against discrimination. Pride Month is about loving yourself and others. So it was especially shocking when a man entered a gay night club filled with people celebrating Pride Month in Orlando, Florida, and opened re. In one night, he killed 49 people and injured more than 50. Why would someone do something like this? No one knows the real answer, but those investigating the crime are starting to piece together clues from the shooter’s past activities, background, and strong beliefs.

This tragedy has left the world saddened and filled with questions, but it has also drawn people together. People from around the world have shown their support of Orlando and the LGBT community by holding candlelight vigils, placing flowers and cards in areas around cities, donating blood, helping the families of the victims, and spreading messages of acceptance and unity on social media. Do you celebrate Pride Month?