Passengers On The Bus Go … Free, Free, Free!

January 7, 2020
By Anzacosf2010 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Nearly every major city in the United States offers public transport by bus, but like a lot of people, you might not use the bus that often. One reason is that cars have made traveling by bus less prevalent in the last few decades. But one city wants to make buses more accessible again. The mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, wants to create a bus-riding culture … and why not? Riding a bus is better for the environment than driving separate cars, after all. That’s one of the reasons why Kansan City city council members voted unanimously to make bus rides free for everyone. The plan received a lot of praise, and well, some skepticism too! Those who cheered think the city could set an excellent example for other cities to follow, while those who booed are skeptical that the initiative will succeed because of poorly managed infrastructures. For now, the city council is figuring out how it will get money to fund the idea.

What are some of the benefits of taking public transportation? What are some of the disadvantages of taking public transportation?