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We understand the challenges of introducing news to children. That’s why we wanted to build a news source that resonated with the entire family. Xyza’s news stories are specifically written for children and help spark interesting conversations, build critical thinking skills, and connect families. Subscribe today for Xyza: News for Kids online and in print. Parents receive weekly newsletters and children receive interesting and relatable news.


Xyza: News For Kids Covers Everything!

Xyza: News for Kids covers an array of topics from world and local politics to sports, technology, arts, and more!

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Xyza Starts Interesting Conversations

Have you ever asked your kids, “How was your day?” and received a one word response? Spark conversations at home and beyond with news that your kids want to talk about. Check out our Dinner Table Conversation series and start or end the day with conversations that keep your whole family chatting.

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Xyza Offers A Program For Your Child to Be Heard

In addition to reading the news, children also love sharing news stories that matter to them. Xyza’s Junior Reporter Program is where young voices are welcome to share their perspectives on news topics, report on things that matter to them, as well as receive reporting opportunities.

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  • You are doing something awesome! Keep going!

    – Diana, mom to 4 and 1 year old

  • Our entire family loves Xyza. Our kids both subscribe and serve as junior reporters. They are excited every time they get a new issue. It’s an incredible resource for them to learn about current events in a way that’s engaging for them.

    – Samantha B., mom to 8 and 11 year old

  • My daughter feels so important receiving her own xyza newspaper full of current events. She is not only learning about what’s happening in the world around her, but she’s learning to value it. Thank you, xyza news!

    – Elena B. mom to 10 year old

  • Xyza is the biggest hit at my house. thank you!

    – Irina M. Mom to 9 year old