The Xyza Mission

It’s simple: to bring news to kids in a fun and engaging way. We believe that the world is filled with many fascinating things—some good, some bad, but mostly interesting. Our mission is to build a news experience that provides a starting point for interesting and engaging conversations.


We want Xyza to help build connections and conversations that extend beyond the classroom, dining room, and the playground. Our hope is that Xyza becomes a trend that transcends into a daily habit. After all, we’re building an experience, not homework.

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Why Xyza?

Because we know every kid is different. Because we’re turning news into something that kids can relate to. Because we’re building a news destination that kids want to visit, rather than something that they are required to visit. Because we aren’t asking questions that have the right answer, but their answer.

That’s the kind of news experience we’re building for kids. That’s what makes us different. And that’s why we share the news in different formats. Learn through watching? We have videos. Like turning the pages of a paper? We have monthly review in print. Love listening to stories? We’re working on podcasts! Want to be a part of the news experience? We’ve got a Junior Reporter program! You name it, and we’re most likely working on it! So, why Xyza? Simply put, we’re making a news experience that’s just for you.

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The Xyza Experience

Who is it for?
Xyza is a perfect news source for elementary and middle school-aged children.

Who can subscribe to Xyza?
Families and educators can subscribe to Xyza.

What does it include?
We want to provide news in whatever form that works for your kids. We create a print version (mailed directly to you), a web version (where you can customize your choice of news topics) and an app for your mobile device (for kids on the go!).

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Xyza for Educators

Are you an educator looking to add a great news resource for your students in your classroom? Xyza is the perfect addition to any classroom. Whether you’re looking for an informational news website to share with your students, a printed newspaper to add to your classroom library, or a weekly email to kick-off discussions, Xyza has it all. Contact us at to learn more about Xyza, our products, and subscriptions.

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Call to Action

We are powered by a small team with big ambitions. We want to build an amazing news experience with things like cool videos to help explain complicated topics, fun audio stories for those long (and short!) car rides, an awesome Junior Reporter program to engage kids in the news, and much more! Want this too? Here’s how you can support us:

Subscribe to Xyza We have simple subscription packages. Pick a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year package of Xyza Web, Xyza in Print, or Xyza Combo. Subscribe now.

Gift a Subscription Love Xyza? Share the love by gifting it to a friend. Gift now.

Sponsor a Class or SchoolWe know that school budgets are tight. We also know that many teachers love Xyza. Want to sponsor a Xyza subscription for your child’s class, grade, or school? Or perhaps an after school program like the Boys and Girls Club? Email us at

Tell People About Xyza Pay it forward by sharing your love for Xyza. It’s simple, doesn’t cost a penny, and it really works! Really! So share Xyza with your school community, your parent community, your family, and friends.

Invest in Us Did we mention that we’re trying to do big things with a small but mighty team? We need support in all forms to keep us going (yes, simply buy us a cup of coffee, and we’ll be besties for life!). Email if you want to support us.


  • The kids in my library classes love the Xyza print newspaper. They are reading it together during library time and say that they love how much easier it is to read than “the normal newspaper.” They are especially happy that the February issue contains news about Trump because most of them have been getting news second-hand from parents and siblings, so it feels good to read for themselves about what is going on. Thanks!

    — San Francisco school educator

  • The kids are really motivated to read it based on the format and content so it’s a good way to check for comprehension and these skills. I will be using it as a model as we work on a class project of putting out a newspaper about things going on in our community and our school.

    — Chicago School Educator

  • I love the layout of your January preview issue, the news you are covering, and the way you cover it. It is perfect for students in my school.

    — Sonoma school educator

  • I mentioned to my entire staff how much I’ve been enjoying Xyza and how impressed I’ve been with the language and how accessible it is to kids.

    — Marin school educator

  • I want to thank you deeply for the resource that has been missing for too long. It provides a great way to talk to my kids about news today.

    — Dad to 9-year old

  • My son will not put down Xyza. I am amazed at how excited he is about news. I cannot wait to receive it regularly.

    — Mom to 7-year old

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