One Billionaire Pays It Forward In A Big Way

May 26, 2019
Thomson200 [CC0]
When someone does something nice for you, what do you do in return? Do you do something nice for that person? Do you politely thank the person and then do nothing at all? Well, when it comes to being the recipient of a good deed, there’s the idea that you should do a good deed for someone else, or pay it forward. At this year’s Morehouse College graduation, one billionaire did just that, and in a very big way. During his commencement speech, entrepreneur and investor Robert F. Smith told the class of 2019 that his family would be paying off every single one of the students’ loan debts. He offered this gift to the graduates because he wanted them to have the opportunity to pursue their passions and focus on their careers rather than on paying back their loans. In return, all he asked was that the nearly four hundred students pay it forward. It was an incredibly generous gift, but it wasn’t the first time that Mr. Smith’s generosity and philanthropic efforts touched the lives of a wider community. He has donated millions of dollars to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, his alma mater Cornell University, and many other organizations that do good work in the community.

Has someone done a good deed for you? How have you paid it forward?