Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

July 8, 2017

Ever been curious about the writer behind the Dr. Seuss books?

Sure, you might know that his name is Theodor Seuss Geisel and that he wrote the Dr. Seuss books, but how did he come up with all those ideas? What inspired him? How did he live? Well, that is exactly the point of the Seuss Museum.

Via Seuss Museum, Springfield, MA

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the museum tells the tale of a person who later became one of the most important children’s books writers. The museum shares old photos and stories about Dr. Geisel from the time he was a young child to when he became a famous author. How does a museum do this? Well, this particular museum worked with the widow of Dr. Geisel to get photos and other artifacts from his life. The museum has faced some criticism because it does not show all of Dr. Geisel’s work, such as his art about World War II. However, the curators (or the people who decide what goes into a museum and manages the museum’s exhibits) of the museum defended the exhibit, indicating they chose only his work that was appropriate for children. That is why the museum has sculptures and interactive exhibits as well as family friendly activities too.