Oh, Baby!

March 1, 2019
Image Credit: Gerber | Yang Family

Babies are incredibly cute, aren’t they? Well, we think so, and so does baby nutrition company Gerber. They love babies so much that their spokesperson is one! Yep, that’s right—the face of Gerber is in fact a baby. For the past nine years, Gerber has hosted a Photo Search contest where people around the world submit photos of their baby for a chance to be named Gerber’s Baby of the Year. This year, Kairi Yang was selected among the 544,000 entries. Why did Gerber choose Kairi? According to Bill Partyka, the President and CEO of Gerber, they knew Kairi was the winner when they saw her photo and “fell in love with Kairi’s expressive eyes and angelic face, looking toward the future and being excited for all that it holds.” In addition to winning the title of Gerber baby of the year, Kairi also made history by being the first-ever Gerber baby of Hmong descent. You go, Kairi!