Northern Lights

February 24, 2016

An unbelievable light show!

In the movie, “Frozen,” Elsa and Anna live in the kingdom of Arendelle where streaks of green lights or Northern Lights light up the sky. Did you ever think, “Is that real?” Well, it is! The Northern Lights, also known as the “Aurora Borealis,” is a natural light show in the sky that can be seen best in the northern and southern parts of the world where the magnetic poles are strongest. When the sun’s energy collides with the molecules of the magnetic poles, bright, glowing lights appear in the sky.

These lights follow an 11-year cycle, with times of intense activity and other times of lesser activity. Researchers believe that after this year, it will be another 8-10 years before they’re active again. Interested in seeing the Northern Lights? Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, and Russia are some of the best places to catch this amazing light show.