Nintendo Playstation Sold At Auction

March 26, 2020
Nintendo PlayStation
Via Heritage Auctions/HA.com

Nintendo or PlayStation? Or why not both? While game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and the Sony PlayStation are two very distinct brands today, there was a time when Nintendo and Sony worked together to build a game console called the Nintendo PlayStation. Back in 1991, the gaming giants were just starting to think about building game consoles and struck a deal to work together. Together, they began prototyping the Nintendo PlayStation. Approximately 200 were made before the deal fell through, and rumor has it, all of the consoles were destroyed except for one. The one that wasn’t destroyed was recently sold at auction for a whopping $360,000. That’s a lot of money for a game console, considering the latest version of the Nintendo Switch is about $300 and the latest Sony PlayStation is about $350. Who would spend so much money on a game console? A gaming collector, of course! Greg McLemore, an entrepreneur, was the lucky winner of the Nintendo PlayStation. He plans to add it to his collection of other unique games.

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