News in Pictures: Special Edition

July 28, 2017

It’s the largest comic book convention (or gathering) in North America and it takes place in San Diego, California every summer. We’re talking about Comic-Con International! What is it exactly? When it started in 1970, it was a small gathering of like-minded people—those who shared a love of comics, movies, and science fiction. Today, hundreds of thousands of people flock to this four-day long international convention, dressed as their favorite characters (you’ll probably see more than one Wonder Woman, and at least a few Pokémons!) to see what’s new in the imaginative worlds of their favorite characters.

our Junior Reporters were excited to share their thoughts on comics, movies, superheroes, and more! We’re doubly delighted (and slightly jealous, we’ll admit!) because some of our Junior Reporters had the chance to report live from Comic-Con itself!

Without further ado, here is a round up of all that our Junior Reporters had to say!

What is Comic-Con All About?

Our intrepid Junior Reporter, Madison V. was on the ground at Comic-Con International, taking in the sights and sounds. She even interviewed people at Comic-Con. Fantastic job, Madison. We love your report!

A Comic-Con photo essay

9- year old Ruby’s family won the lottery to go to Comic-Con, the largest comic book gathering in North America. Ruby had a great time. She says, “It was kid’s day so we went to talks by Donald Duck artists and another comic artist that gave drawing tips.” Sounds fun, indeed!

Here is her photo essay. Nice job, Ruby!

Trash Talker Trouble

10-year old Gabe F. likes to create his own comics. Here’s one that got a few chuckles from the staff here at Xyza.

“Hi, I am Wonder Woman!”

6-year old Junior Reporter Olivia K. loves Wonder Woman, so she decided to draw a picture of her. When asked why she loves Wonder Woman, she said, “because she has powers and her Lasso of Truth makes the bad guys tell her the truth. Oh, and she has an invisible jet that’s really cool!”

Pokémon and the Powerful Mew

6-year old Junior Reporter Derin S. loves Pokemon and here is why!

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