National Pet Month

May 1, 2020

Did you know that both the United States and The United Kingdom celebrate pets for a whole month? National Pet Month is celebrated in April in the UK and in May in the US. If you have a pet at home, it might not come as a surprise to you that pets are incredible companions. Feeling sad? Scruffy’s there for you! Mentally exhausted from hours of homework? Your cat might be up for some tug-of-yarn. Need exercise? Your dog’s already waiting for you at the door. Pets—quite frankly—are pretty awesome.
As countries around the world continue to fight the novel coronavirus with shelter-in-place orders, people are turning to pets for companionship, exercise, and mental health. And surprise! Those who have been begging their parents for a pet are finally getting one. If there’s a bright side to sheltering in place, it’s that there’s time for training a new puppy or taking care of a pet! That’s why for the first time ever, animal shelters around the United States are reporting that no dogs are currently available for adoption. What does that mean? It means that every dog in these shelters has either found a forever home or been fostered—something that some shelters have never experienced before! Great news, right? We think so.

Joann and Juno

Share your pet companions with us, or if you’ve adopted a pet during shelter-in-place, we’d love to hear your story! Email a photo of you and your pet and a caption to editor@xyzanews.com for National Pet Month! Here’s one of Xyza co-founder Joann and her family dog Juno! Juno’s funny and crazy and keeps everyone on their toes!