Done! Koch Completes Record Spaceflight

February 18, 2020

Why Should Tweens & Teens Care About NASA Astronaut Christina Koch?

Because … Koch just broke the record for the longest spaceflight completed by a woman and the second-longest spaceflight ever completed by a US astronaut. If that doesn’t call for a mic drop, we don’t know what does. Boom!

The Story:

NASA Astronaut Christina Koch arriving back on Earth after completing a history-making spaceflight.
Photo Credit: NASA/Ingalls

Christina Koch, the woman who participated in the all-women spacewalk in 2019, recently completed a record 328 days in space to travel more than 130 million miles. Her journey began in March of 2019 to understand how human bodies react and behave for long durations in space. What happens to the body when it’s exposed to isolation for long periods, or when it experiences weightlessness for extended periods? Koch got used to working upside down, floating frequently, and taking spacewalks as the planets glided by. Exciting, right? But Koch was also hard at work, participating in several biology and physics experiments along the way. Koch said she was not bored at all out there in space and that she’s looking forward to reuniting with her dog and taking a trip to the beach with her family now that she’s back on Earth.

What’s the first thing you would do after almost a year in space?