More Than A Chef

June 15, 2018

The world of food lost an important voice this month. Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef, author, food documentarian, and TV personality, died in France at the age of sixty-one. There are many popular chefs around the world, but Anthony Bourdain will be particularly missed because he brought culture, people, and food together. His TV show Parts Unknown not only explored interesting and unknown foods around the world, but it also allowed viewers to learn a lot about the culture behind the food.

Bourdain traveled extensively, sometimes to dangerous places to follow the trail of food. He was a supporter of minorities in the world of food, and especially of cuisines that were often overlooked. His favorite part of the world to eat in? Japan. Bourdain made a point of highlighting why food was important to the culture where it was revered, even if it seemed odd to other cultures. He often avoided fancy restaurants in favor of eating on the streets with neighborhood people, solidifying his view that food is more than just what we put in our mouths. The world of food will sure miss Mr. Bourdain.

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