Update: More Sunshine for Florida?

April 5, 2018

Update: It looks like Florida is one step closer to getting more sunshine. On March 6th, the Florida State Senate approved the Sunshine Protection Act, which would allow Florida to remain on daylight saving time all year long. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the bill, and now it’s up to the US Congress. But why does the US Congress have to approve a bill that is specific to a state? Because Florida is asking that federal laws be changed in order to remain on daylight saving time throughout the year. We’ll keep you updated!

Original Story:

If you woke up this week feeling just a bit more tired, it might be because of daylight saving time. After all, when most of the clocks in the United States skipped an hour ahead early Sunday morning, we … yawn … lost a whole hour of sleep! But not to worry, we get that hour back eight months later in the winter when clocks go back to standard time.

Well, all this back and forth just doesn’t make sense to some states. In 1966, the United States Congress passed the Uniform Time Act, which meant each state could determine to observe daylight saving time or not. Hawaii doesn’t observe daylight saving time, Arizona doesn’t either, and Florida might just follow suit. In February, Florida’s senate approved the Sunshine Protection Act (yes, it’s really called that!), which basically asks Congress to allow them to observe daylight saving time all year long. Move those clocks one hour forward and never move them back again? Yes, but the proposal is really asking to move time zones. Currently, most of Florida is in the Eastern time zone. The proposal would move them to Atlantic time. It’s all up to Florida Governor Rick Scott now. Will there be even more sunshine for the sunshine state? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Other states are considering the move to rid themselves of daylight saving time as well. Some say it’s just an old tradition that doesn’t make sense any more. Others aren’t so sure—waiting at the bus stop in the dark doesn’t seem so appealing to parents. What do you think? Should states get rid of daylight saving time?


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