March 25, 2016

Whoa…Check out that wave!

Imagine being a professional athlete and not knowing your schedule for the season. Most professional athletes know exactly when they’ll be playing before the season even starts so they can plan. That’s not the case for professional surfers, because their sport is dependent on the ocean waves (and let’s face it, Mother Nature likes to do what Mother Nature wants!)

One of the most popular surfing competitions is called, “Titans of the Mavericks”. It is held in Half Moon Bay, California. During the months of November through March, the best surfers from around the world are invited to the competition and given notice only when the waves are determined by a committee that they are at their biggest. That is when the committee makes the “call”. This year, the call was made in mid-February. On February 12th, twenty four of the best surfers from around the world competed in the “Titans of the Mavericks”. Each took his turn riding what surfers call “the most dangerous wave in the world,” but Nic Lamb from Santa Cruz did it best and won the competition. Way to go, Nic!

How are winners chosen in a surf contest?
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