Making More Than Just a Move?

December 8, 2017

A single move can say a lot. Just think of the game of chess and how one move influences not only your next move but your opponent’s as well. Now hold that thought.

A view of the Old City of Jerusalem

Earlier this week, President Trump announced that the US Embassy currently located in Tel Aviv, Israel, would be moved to Jerusalem. Why is this such a big deal? Jerusalem is a sacred land that both the Palestinians and the Israelis believe to be theirs. By moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump is, in a sense, recognizing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and that Israelis are the rightful owners of this land. Former presidents have been careful to avoid such declarations so as not to ruin any potential peace talks (yes, the two groups have been fighting over this land since 1967—that’s about fifty years of fighting!).

Will President Trump’s move of the US Embassy cause more fighting? He says there will be no difference, but protesters and the violence that has broken out in the West Bank might signal something different.

What do you think?