Look Out World, ’Cause Here She Comes!

February 1, 2019

She’s only thirteen years old and stands a petite four feet seven inches tall, but Alysa Liu won the hearts of the ice skating world when she performed triple axel after triple axel and skated, jumped, and twisted her way to the top of the US National Figure Skating Championships. While her win means that she is now officially the youngest female to ever win this title—a title that was held by Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski for twenty-two years when she won the championship at fourteen years old in 1997—she’s also done two other things. She’s the first American woman to ever land two triple axels during her free skate program, and she’s only one of three women who have landed a triple axel during a short program. Yes, we’d say she’s pretty amazing, wouldn’t you? Although she’s too young to qualify for the 2019 World Figure Skating Championships, she’ll be sixteen by the time the Beijing Winter Olympics roll around in 2022, and you bet the world will be watching!

Interesting Fact: On the men’s side, Nathan Chen won the title of US National Figure Skating Champion. He’s only nineteen years old and landed multiple quad jumps (that’s four full rotations in the air!) to clinch his third US National Championship for the third year in a row!