Long Live The Tweet!

December 13, 2019
via @Twitter

How do you say goodbye to a social media account? Some don’t care to say goodbye. Some don’t get a chance to before their account is deactivated. Can you imagine not being able to save all of your pictures or messages if you’re a sentimental person? It would be a travesty!

Social media company Twitter recently announced that they would be deactivating (or getting rid of) accounts that had not been logged onto for more than six months. Fair? Perhaps if you’re not using the account, you might not be an active Twitter user anyway, so it might not be a big deal. But what if the account is no longer active because the user passed away? What if those tweets are the only digital memory left of a loved one? Seems a bit harsh, if you ask us.

So when Twitter announced that they would deactivate accounts that had not been logged onto for more than six months, they received a lot of backlash—and rightfully so for those who wanted to keep their loved ones’ memories alive through their tweets. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey quickly stepped in to say that the company should have been more clear on what they were planning to do with inactive accounts. After the backlash, Twitter announced that there will be a way for people to memorialize and archive their deceased loved ones’ accounts.