Like The Change On Instagram?

November 16, 2019
Via Freepix

By now, most people know about “likes” in social media. Whether they’re hearts on Twitter and Instagram, or thumbs-up signs on Facebook, likes represent how popular posts are and how many people appreciate them. The trouble? When people compare the number of likes on their photos with the number of likes on other people’s photos—that’s when likes, which were initially intended as a short and simple way to acknowledge or appreciate a photo or a post, became more than that.

Mental health experts often talk about how social media can impact people’s general well-being, especially teenagers’, which is why Instagram is testing a new format of not showing how many likes your friends get on their posts. That means you’ll still be able to see how many likes you get on your posts, but you won’t be able to compare them with what others get.
What feature do you wish social media platforms would include or remove?