Let’s Celebrate!

July 20, 2018

Did you know that in the United States, every single day in July has a “holiday” associated with it? That’s right! From National Tattoo Day on July 17th to National Moon Day on July 20th, there is no shortage of things to celebrate! This week, we picked four completely different and interesting days to talk about:

National Hot Dog Day: In 1994, the American Meat Institute set up the Hot Dog and Sausage Council. The purpose? To promote the consumption (or eating) of hot dogs and sausages in the United States. Since summer isn’t complete without a grilled hot dog at a BBQ party, July was declared National Hot Dog Month. The American Meat Institute also organizes an annual hot dog lunch every year on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and that date ends up being—you guessed it—National Hot Dog Day! This year, National Hot Dog Day was July 18th.

Fun fact: July also has the most hot dog eating competitions across the country.

World Emoji Day: Yes, it’s technically World Emoji Day, but that just means that it’s not just the folks in the United States who celebrate this day! How has the world of emojis evolved? Well, what started as a way to communicate with humor or sadness has now become much more of a universal language today. Emojis started as two simple combinations of keystrokes to denote humor 🙂 and sadness :(. The first set of 176 picture emojis was created in Japan in 1998 and combined two Japanese words: e (which means picture) and moji ( which means character). Today, World Emoji Day is July 17th. Why? In 2014, many Apple users noted that its Calendar app had a default date set to July 17th, a date that was picked up on social media and is now celebrated as Emoji Day.

Fun emoji stat? Facebook says people are using the heart emoji twice as much this year! Apple will release seventy new emojis this year so users can go forth and … emote!

National Hire a Veteran Day: Celebrated on July 25th, this day is meant to remind employers to hire veterans from the US Armed Forces. When military personnel leave service to return to their regular lives, they search for employment; Hire a Veteran Day shines a spotlight on their service while in the military and supports their job search efforts. The day was initiated by the nonprofit organization Join Our Heroes to make companies aware of veterans and their skills.

National Lipstick Day: Did you know that the first iteration of the lipstick tube we know today was designed in 1923? Lipstick has come a long way, from being banned in the 1700s in Britain, to being a sign of resilience during tough times, to being a sign of glamour today. So why National Lipstick Day? In 2016, a fashion blogger deemed July 29th National Lipstick Day so that everyone who loves lipstick could wear and show off their lipstick. She declared the special day on social media, and apparently it caught on!