Kids vs. The U.S. Government

March 5, 2017

Who Says We Can’t Take You to Court?

Around the globe, war is being waged. Not a war of army against army, but of humanity against the emerging threat of climate change. Now you might think that this battle is being duked out by politicians (some definitely are putting up a good fight!), but we’re talking about 21 kids who are standing up and saying “enough is enough.”

And how are they fighting this war? By filing a lawsuit. That’s right: 21 kids (and a few grown-ups) are suing the United States government for their support of fossil fuel usage—which is known to contribute to climate change. As we’re already seeing rising sea levels, droughts, and extreme weather patterns, these kids are taking climate change very seriously, delivering “the biggest case on the planet.” Their case demands that the federal government draft a recovery plan to dramatically reduce carbon emissions by the year 2100.

“I can deal with a few days of rain in February when it’s supposed to be 40 below,” says 17-year-old Keith Barrington, “But … I won’t sit idly by and watch winter vanish.”