Saving Planet Earth Is A Global Job

April 16, 2021
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As Earth Day approaches, it’s a good time to talk about Mother Earth and what people, companies, and countries are doing to help protect the planet. While we’re only highlighting a few of the efforts below, we encourage you (our young curious readers!) to learn about some of the other things that people are doing to help save planet Earth. If you hear of anything and would like to report on it, we support you! Just send your reports to editor@xyzanews.com for a chance to be published!

via Pixabay

France Says Trains Instead Of Planes!
Before you start to freak out, France isn’t eliminating flights to and from the country, only routes where trains can get you there as well. Why? Three words: greenhouse gas emissions. Airplanes are one of the greatest culprits of greenhouse gas emissions because they emit carbon dioxide into the air when burning fuel. By replacing flights with train rides, France is hoping to lower its greenhouse gas emissions.

US Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement
In 2019, former President Trump officially withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. This agreement was a promise made by countries around the world to fight carbon emissions and climate change with each country setting its own goals for lowering emissions levels. Fast forward to 2021 and the United States has rejoined the agreement. On President Biden’s first day as president of the United States, he signed seventeen executive orders, one of which was that the United States would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and commit to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions.

General Motors Says Yes To Electric Cars
Earlier this year, General Motors (GM), one of the biggest carmakers in the world, announced that it would stop making gasoline-powered cars, vans, and sport utility vehicles by 2035. Instead, the carmarker would focus its efforts on making electric vehicles. It’s a big deal for a company whose cars are known for their large combustion engines and it’ll be a big job to make such an enormous change. GM will be following other carmakers such as Toyota Motors and Volkswagen who have already made similar pledges.

Grocery Store Chain Eliminates Plastic Bags
Morrisons, a large grocery store chain in the United Kingdom, has pledged to remove all plastic carrier bags from its stores over the next year, switching to a paper alternative instead. It’ll be the first large supermarket chain in the UK to completely eliminate plastic carrier bags from its stores.