What Happens With A Dead Car Battery?

May 22, 2021
via Pixabay

When a gas car’s battery dies, it might be the end of the car but, often, not of the battery. Batteries from gas cars can be recycled and reused in newer cars. However, electric cars are slightly different. Firstly, electric car batteries are larger and heavier than the batteries in gas-powered cars. Secondly, electric car batteries contain lithium oil that needs to be very carefully disposed of, a process that can be dangerous.

So, who’s responsible for discarded electric car batteries? This will be a hot topic for years to come. Companies are trying to work out a way to take care of the electric car batteries that are discarded as cars grow old. But by 2030, there could be millions of electric cars coming to the end of their battery life, and both manufacturers and governments need to figure out how to get rid of them safely and effectively. Who do you think should be responsible? People who buy the cars or the manufacturers?