Volcanoes Around The World

January 22, 2021
Kilauea Volcano
via Pixabay

Two separate volcanic activities occurred recently. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano on The Big Island started to spew lava up to fifty feet in the air, leading to warnings about smoke and volcanic ash in the air. And just for a bit of dramatic effect, the volcanic eruption was followed by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

Mount Semeru
via Pixabay

Over in Indonesia, Mount Semeru in Java erupted lava and ash resulting in warnings for people who live in the region. Indonesia, already struggling with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, floods, and landslides is preparing for the worst but, so far, the volcanic eruptions haven’t caused widespread damage.

Did you know that volcanoes are measured as VEIs or Volcanic Explosivity Index? A VEI-0 is a steady trickle of lava but a VEI-5 can cause colossal damage. The volcano in Hawaii is a VEI-0, just a regular steady stream with occasional bursts of ash. The one in Indonesia is a VEI-2 or VEI-3, which is pouring ash and can be more destructive.