Virtual Vacations: The Colosseum

July 10, 2020

We’re continuing our virtual travel series this week! So sit back and relax while we take you on a trip to—drum roll please—the Colosseum in Italy! No packing, no airport security lines, and there’s no possible way you’ll lose your luggage! Awesome? We’d say so!

The Colosseum

When people travel to Rome for the first time, the Colosseum is most likely on their list of places to visit. It’s a grand stadium that was built in the first century by Emperor Vespasian. While the colosseum was used for many large events, it is perhaps most famous for its gladiator fights. After all, the fascination with these battles can be seen in many Hollywood movies that were produced as a result. Today, the Colosseum welcomes nearly 6.5 million people every year, but don’t worry, no one has to fight a gladiator to enter.

Ready for a virtual visit? Go here.

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