Update: Judge Agrees With Australian Teens

June 4, 2021
via Pixabay

Last month, we shared a story about how young people have been taking their governments to court to fight for a cleaner and healthier future. From England to Brazil to Australia, young people are saying, “No, we won’t be robbed of a clean and healthy planet to live on!” and judges have been listening. In Australia, eight teenagers took the Australian government to court to stop Environment Minister Sussan Ley from approving a coal mining expansion project. They claimed that if Ley approves the expansion of a coal mining project, she’d be neglecting her duty of care to protect young people by allowing the climate crisis to worsen. While an injunction (or an official order to stop something from happening) wasn’t issued, Justice Mordecai Bromberg did agree that Ley had a duty of care to young people and that her actions shouldn’t cause them harm. The case isn’t over yet, but the judge’s declaration is a big win for the kids. Now, they have to provide more evidence of what Ley’s duty of care should entail. We’ll keep you posted on what happens next!