The Most Eco-Olympics Ever!

July 30, 2021


The Tokyo Olympics will most likely be remembered as the Olympic Games that were held during a global pandemic, but did you know that the Tokyo Summer Olympics will also be the most eco-friendly Olympics in history? Check out some of the sustainability efforts that the Tokyo Organizing Committee has made to make this year’s games one that even planet Earth will be cheering for!

Olympic Medals
©Tokyo 2020

Olympic Medals
The Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals are some of the most coveted prizes in the world of sports. Athletes train hard in hopes that one day they’ll make it to the Olympics and stand on the medals podium. Every Olympic Games has a unique medal that’s made specifically for those games. In 2017, the Tokyo Organizing Committee asked the public for help in making the Tokyo Summer Olympic medals. They asked that people donate their old cell phones, laptops, and other electronics so that gold, silver, and bronze could be extracted from these items to make the medals. Yep, you heard that right, the approximately five thousand Olympic medals were made from recycled electronics!

Beds made of cardboard
©Tokyo 2020

Cardboard Beds
Cardboard is an interesting material. It’s tough, recyclable, compostable, and holds its shape, making it a great eco-friendly construction material. That’s why the Tokyo Organizing Committee decided to use cardboard instead of wood to construct bed frames that will furnish the rooms of the Olympic village, where athletes will stay for the duration of the games. Once the Olympics Games are over, these bed frames will be recycled.

Olympic Podiums
©Tokyo 2020

Recycled Plastic Podiums
What’s a medal ceremony without a podium for winners to stand on, right? Nearly one hundred podiums were made for the Tokyo Summer Olympics, but don’t fret about all the excess material that was used to make them because they were constructed from recycled plastic!

Tokyo Stadium
©Tokyo 2020

Renewable Energy
Need electricity to power the games? No problem—renewable energy to the rescue! From solar power to power that’s generated from bio waste, such as construction waste and trees, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy. The hope is that Japan can show the world how renewable energy can be the wave of the future.

Toyota’s e-Palette
via Toyota

Clean Transportation
How will athletes get around during the Olympics without leaving a heavy carbon footprint? The Tokyo Organizing Committee has an answer for that! Athletes will be transported to various locations with BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) buses and FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) cars. Both of these types of vehicles emit less greenhouse gas emissions than gas-powered vehicles.