A Grand Reopening Fit For Plants

July 17, 2020
via Pixabay

Have you ever participated in a school play, talent show, or other performance? It’s opening night and you’re both excited and nervous. You hear the rumblings of people entering the theater. Your excitement grows. You take a quick peek from backstage. Wait a minute? Are your eyes playing tricks on you? The rustling you heard from backstage wasn’t people, but leaves? The theater, it seems, is filled with plants instead of people. While that may seem like the storyline of a quirky dream, it’s not! Since mid-March, the entire country of Spain has been under lockdown to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Non-essential businesses were ordered to close and theaters were no exception.

via Pixabay

Recently, Spain lifted its lockdown restrictions and theaters were allowed to reopen. Instead of welcoming humans back to the opera house, The Gran Teatre del Liceu (or Liceu) welcomed plants. You heard us right! While plants occupied the chairs in the 2,292-seat theater, people enjoyed the UceLi Quartet’s Giacomo Puccini’s “Crisantemi” at home via live stream. But, why plants? According to the Liceu’s website, the idea was to showcase a different perspective of the return to normal activities and how nature plays an essential role. Where are all of these plants now? The plants were donated to healthcare workers. A pretty fantastic way to reopen a theater, if you ask us!

If your job was to plan a reopening for a theater, what would that entail? Email editor@xyzanews.com with your thoughts!

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