The US Mint Needs Your Help!

May 17, 2021
via Pixabay

Did you know that former US President George Washington’s head wasn’t always featured on the US quarter? It’s true! It wasn’t until 1932 that the US Mint started printing quarters that had an image of George Washington’s head on them. Why the change in 1932? February 22nd, 1732 was George Washington’s birthday and the new coin was produced to commemorate the 200th year since the president’s birth. In other words, the US Mint produced the coin to celebrate what would’ve been Washington’s 200th birthday! While Washington’s face has graced one side of the quarter ever since, the other face of the quarter has changed from an eagle to an image representative of each of the fifty states.

Now, the US Mint has announced a special production of four different US quarters and this time, the quarter will pay tribute to American women who have made a significant contribution to the country. While two of the four women have already been chosen (poet Maya Angelou and NASA astronaut Sally Ride), the US Mint is asking the American people for help in suggesting who the other two women should be. Now, if you’ve ever wanted to design money, this is your chance! The only criteria for these nominations is that the nominee must be deceased. The US Mint is looking for a diverse group of women who have made contributions in a variety of fields. If you’re interested in participating in this historic, and might we say, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can add your nomination(s) here. The final selection will be determined by Janet Yellen, the United States Secretary of the Treasury—a prominent woman herself!

Interesting Facts About The US Quarter:

–The first US quarter was produced in 1796.
–The US quarter was made of 100 percent silver until 1965. Now, the US quarter is made of copper and nickel.
–Coin collectors know that not all quarters are the same. In fact, the older and less minted the quarter, the more valuable it is! One of the most valuable quarters is the 1807 Draped Bust quarter. If you have one of those, you should probably hang onto it!
–There are US mint marks on every quarter. The current circulation of quarters have either a P (Philadelphia), a D (Denver), an S (San Francisco), or a W (West Point) on them, which marks the city in which the coins were minted.