The Largest Suspension Bridge!

May 22, 2021

Imagine walking over a suspension bridge almost six hundred feet high with raging waters below you. If that sounds like a scene from an adventure movie, think again—this is true of the world’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge, newly opened in Portugal. The bridge is 1,692 feet long and is made of metal grids, so you can see the lush valley below. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the bridge does wobble as you walk across it, so it’s probably not for the faint of heart!

But why spend two full years and $2.8 million dollars building a bridge? Tourism, for one. The Arouca region, where the bridge is located, is famous for white water rafting and incredible rock formations, and this breathtaking bridge could be yet another reason for people to visit the area!

Curious about the longest suspension bridges in the world? Before this bridge was built, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge in Switzerland held the record for being the longest at 1,620 feet!