The First Space Hotel?

April 2, 2021

When it’s safe to take a vacation, where would you want to go? Camping with friends? Disneyland? Hawaii? Grandma’s house? Any of those places would be nice, right? But what if we said that you can actually take a vacation in outer space? You just need to wait a few years—would you be interested?

Artist rendering of the Voyager Station
Image Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

Well, if you’re as fascinated with outer space as we are, you might be excited to know that there’s a company working on building a space hotel. That’s right, a hotel located in space and the view from the window is Earth! But you might want to hold off a bit before adding this vacation destination to your wish list. The formal name of this disc-like space hotel is called the Voyager Station, and it’s being built by Orbital Assembly Corporation. But why build a floating hotel in space when there are perfectly fine hotels on Earth? Perhaps the question should be why not?

Artist rendering of a restaurant on the Voyager Station
Image Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

The Voyager Station hopes to support businesses with manufacturing needs, national space agencies with experiments that can only be carried out in low Earth orbit, and individuals who want to experience living in space. Tourists will get to enjoy all the accommodations of a hotel on Earth such as guest rooms, a garden, restaurants, and recreational areas, all from space! Bottom line, the Voyager Station is being built for both business AND pleasure. Exciting? We think so! Can’t wait for the grand opening? You don’t have to! Orbital Assembly Corporation anticipates the completion of the Voyager Station in 2027, only a short six years away!