Watch Out! Reindeer Crossing!

January 29, 2021
via Pixabay

Ever wonder why bridges are made? Bridges are usually built to connect two pieces of land, making it easier for both goods and people to travel from one place to another. But bridges aren’t just for cars, trains, and people, they’re also for animals! Recently, the country of Sweden announced that they’ll be building “renoducts” or bridges specifically made for reindeer. Why? Every year, herds of reindeer travel west to find more food in the mountains after a winter of grazing on lichen (a reindeer’s food of choice!) near the city of Umeå. Reindeer must cross a busy highway to get to where they need to go, making it a dangerous feat for both the reindeer trying to cross the road and the drivers trying to avoid hitting them. As a result, Sweden decided that renoducts would help solve both the traffic and migration problem. Reindeer can more easily get to where they need to go and cars can safely drive down the freeway. Win-win? Sounds like it to us!

Interesting Fact: Sweden may be the most recent, but it’s certainly not the first to build bridges for wildlife. From Mexico to the Amazon to the United States, countries and continents have worked to save animals from having to cross busy roads or from being isolated in an area where food may be scarce.

Where do you see a need for an animal crossing?